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Howard Clark 29" L6 Unokubi Zukuri Katana.
Fully polished in Shirasaya.
With options for mounts.

$6,795.00 USD. in shirasaya

$8,795.00 USD. full mounts using antique dragons

This is a Howard Clark L6 katana I was asked to do for Bugei Trading Company. When these blades were first released Bugei was offering them from Howard with Ted Tenold doing the polishing and mounting. At some point I came on board and started helping with the backlog of swords as a favor to my friend Ted.

For any number of reasons, sometmes a customer would back out of a sword once it was ordered. This blade was a "buy back" from a customer before it was ever started. Bugei pulled it from the custom job list and away it went in to the safe.

A while back Bugei asked me if I would finish a few of these blades for them and put then in shirasaya, especially some of the nicer, more interesting pieces. This was one of those. It is a unokubi zukuri shape, meaning it has a slightly different shaping in the shinogi and mune. And Howard took advantage of that difference making a larger blade with a slightly wider surface that still feels great in the hands.

I did the polish and put it in a shirasaya to protect it, but unfortunately at some point along the way I managed to put a few small scuffs in the finish. I am currently working on removing those and refreshing the finish. They're all minor. They will be visible in the photographs here on the website, but those scratches will be gone when the sword is delivered.

The blade has the usual, wonderful look of Howard Clark's L6 blades. A clear, distinct and fine habuchi separating the hard edge from incredibly resilient bainite body. The steel looks almost wet under the right light. And it does change under the light no matter how you look at it. They are really interesting swords. They are also the highest level of performance and are used in cutting competitions the world around.

In the next photo you can see the scratches that will be removed in a refinish of the final polish. But you can also see how the steel looks. Notice the band of "mistiness" up near the ridge line in the softer ji surface. That is an utsuri like effect Howard sometimes gets on these pieces.

As I said, our plan was to originally just get it polished. But we decided with the redo on the finish we might as well put it up for sale and offer the opportunity to have it mounted as well. The time slot for doing the mounting is *right* now. So decisions would have to be made immediately as I have other customers waiting for their work.

As is in shirasaya the sword is available now for $6795.00 usd. Shipping/handling/insurance is extra and depends on where you are.

If you want it mounted....

Of course I said it was in my queue for mounting as well. We decided to offer it up in shirasaya but also offer the chance to have it mounted. The time slot is *now* meaning I need to have fittings on hand now to finish it. No time to dawdle. So if you want it mounted, I can offer this sword with some very nice but relatively affordable fittings from Japan.

The fuchi kashira are older but a very popular style of dragons. Simple, honest work and with a good feel.

The tsuba is also from Japan and it looks good, but on close examination it looks to be a reproduction. It is a perfect tsuba for a sword that will see use and is certainly a step up from most reproduction fittings on the market in US. It would make an excellent tsuba for a user sword and would go well with the dragon motif of the fuchi kashira.

For this set I would likely use a simple set of good quality reproduction dragon menuki to finish out the sword.

The cost for this option for this L6 sword fully polished and mounted in Japanese Dragon motif fittings is $8,795.00 USD. Projected completion time is November 2014, in time for a Christmas present.


$6,795.00 USD. in shirasaya

$8,795.00 USD. full mounts using antique dragons

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