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Photos of my work. Please click on any of the following for photos of each project. Latest projects on top... And since folk ask -- No, I don't photograph everything I do. Just some. And usually just because I have the time. Some neat blades have gone out without every having a photo taken. Not enough hours in the day... Besides, I'm really not a photographer and taking photos won't pay the bills...


And for those who wonder, I have put some links to the specific camera equipment I use to photograph swords on my "Books" page (I know, they're not books, but I'm too lazy to fix everything right now). Just look down at the bottom if you want to know what I use.


Clark 1086 katana with unique fittings


Clark L6 katana Mounted in a custom Dragonfly Koshirae

Monster Hira Zukuri L6 Daito.

1086 Katana by Howard Clark

A Howard Clark L6 Daito with a Highly Detailed Dragon Koshirae


Howard Clark 1086 Daito in Basho Inspired Motif


Howard Clark L6 daito with Dragonfly and Spider motif

Howard Clark 1086M daito with fittings by Howard in full polish. Shobu Zukuri

Howard Clark folded 1086/electrolytic iron Shobu Zukuri Katana

Howard Clark L6 Bainite Daito with Antique Dragon Fittings
and Habaki by Brian Tscernega

Bob Engnath 1050 Daito

Howard Clark San Mai Daito

Howard Clark Folded 1086 Aikuchi

Randal Graham "Tiny Tanto" in W1

Howard Clark L6 Bainite "Naginata-esque" Daito

Howard Clark "forge folded" Daito

Howard Clark 1086 Daito

Bob Engnath 1050 Naginata

22" Howard Clark 1086 Hira Zukuri

Howard Clark L6 Bainite Aikuchi

Howard Clark "Oroshigane" Tanto


If you'd like to contact me, I can be contacted via e-mail at keith@summerchild.com.

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